Build a brand like all 7 figure businesses




•Identifying Your Ideal Client

•Target Marketing Guide

•My Professional Guide To Branding

•Creating Your Brand Identity

•Branding Photoshoot Guide

+ Bonus Guide to getting Tech Confident - All You Need To Start An Online Business

Are you ready to build a brand and business on solid foundations?


To be able to follow the same steps that all successful 7 figure companies have in creating a brand? And to be able to do it yourself in your spare time?


Then keep reading…but first think about how it would feel if in just a few weeks you felt 100% confident in the following:

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client: You can say with confidence and describe your ideal client in a nutshell.


  • Target Marketing Guide: You have identified your ideal client by doing the steps and resources needed


  • My Professional Guide To Branding: You now have a simple way of understanding all the areas of what branding is and does, plus how it can help you.


  • Creating Your Brand Identity: You have gathered all the information needed to work with a designer. Plus are confident in knowing yourself what you want.


  • Branding Photoshoot Guide: No more dread of having a photoshoot. Instead you will feel clear and confident in what you want, what will work and how to prepare for a shoot with any photographer.


  • + My Bonus Guide to getting Tech Confident:  This will take you from “I don’t know what is the best thing to use” to “I know what I need and I can do it myself if I choose to.” Plus some handy recommendations from me.


These self study PDF workbooks I have created along with the help of my wife Kirsty who is a Business Coach & NLP Master are what my 1-1 clients get when we first start working together. You are getting these at a super low price yet will get you the same results they have.

This Bundle is for you if you are…

Starting out in your business, and want to do it like the pros do.

Have been in a business for a couple of years but never really looked at creating a brand.

Are ready to evolve and rebrand your company since it has changed over the years and want to do it properly.

Can’t afford to work with a expert yet but and want to learn what you an yourself.

Anyone who has not built a 7 figure brand and wants to benefit from my expertise just like my 1-1 clients.


For those that don’t know me I have worked in design for a variety of top global brands over the last 15 years. In the last 4 years I have worked with entrepreneurs and coaches 1-1 building them unique brand identities using the same methods I learnt.


I have also worked with my wife Kirsty Carden in her successful coaching business so I understand both sides and the differences. These documents have been created with both my experience of branding and my wife’s experience of creating a successful online business so you are getting the information from two experts in their fields.


Plus I understand that not everyone can afford to work with someone at my level straight away but I want you to get the right information and not go down the wrong road. For me the best result is seeing successful brands and beautiful professional designed assets online but in order for that to happen you need to do some work yourself and this bundle helps extract all the key information needed to go to the next step.


Don’t just take my word for it, hear from a few of my clients and what they think.



How do I use/work with these PDF workbooks?

These can be filled in on any desktop or laptop as-long as you have a PDF reader which most modern machines will automatically have like Preview on a Mac or Acrobat on a PC. You can also print them out and fill them in by hand if you prefer. 


Is there a refund?

There are no refunds for these items and they are copyrighted and not to be distributed.


What do I do with all this information at the end?

Once you have filled in all the information and done the tasks set out you will have all the information you need to proceed working with any designer, marketer or coach. This information is vital for any business and having this information to hand to be able to share will save you so much time.


Can you guarantee results?

Your results are based on your action so nothing can be guaranteed. What I can guarantee is, if you take your time use the resources and answer the questions you will have all you need to create a successful brand but it’s down to you to so the work. But why wouldn’t you? 


Is design work included in this?

No this is an additional cost but if you proceed to work with John 1-1 the price of this bundle will be deducted from the total cost to work together designing your brand.


What if I want to work more closely with you?

You can book a call with me here or visit my start here page where you will learn more about working with me 1-1 and then be able to also book a call.



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