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SKU: EM001

This Limited Edition print is called Embrace and was the first piece I did in the series called 

'Human'. I think this sets the tone and style for the series of Artwork based on things that make

us human. To some it represents a simple embrace a hello, but I wanted it to make people

ask questions about it. Is it a hello, a goodbye, is he taking her away? Is it even a he? What

has been said between the two? Is the figure real or a symbol for something?

I used very manic brush strokes and streaks to give an unbalanced passionate feel, and

focussed on more pastel calming colours on the female figure, as I wanted your eye to focus

on her as the centre piece. Like most of my Artwork my style is to start with a simple outlined

drawing before scanning it into my computer and bringing it to life with a selection of textures

and brush strokes I have selected for the piece.


This is my favourite piece in the Human collection as I feel it captured everything I wanted

to with a unique style. I wanted a moment in time, which can tell a different story to everyone

who has ever felt loved.


    A2 Size (420x594)

    Giclée Museum Grade 308g Archival Expressions paper with a 125 year life.

    All prints come signed and numbered.

    Please advise A2 size comes rolled.


    Refunds are only excepted if the goods are damaged but on delivery and need to be returned within 7 days after arrival.


    Please be aware due to the printing time and suppliers if this product is low in stock it can take up to 14 days for delivery. Ideally expected within 7 days.