Are you ready to build a global business on solid foundations?


To be able to follow the same steps that all successful 7 figure companies have in creating a known brand?


And to be able to do it yourself in your spare time?


Then keep reading…because If you follow these steps then you will be able to increase your value by 100%, increase your confidence by 100%, and attract your ideal clients effortlessly.

Value £500  £195

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client: If you can’t understand and know who your ideal client is you are just throwing paint at a wall and hoping it sticks. This workbook gets your clear and confident on who you want to attract and work with. By not doing this you are wasting money, time and effort going around in circles.  


  • Target Marketing Guide: This workbook gets you to niche down and really find out who you should be targeting. With email templates and ready prepared questions you can use to get the feedback you need. You might know you ideal client but now you need to know where to find them and what results they are looking to achieve so you can target your offer. By not doing this you risk misreading the direction of business and failing to hit you financial targets.


  • My Professional Guide To Branding: Why is this important? Because all 7 figure businesses have understood the 7 key areas that make up a brand and how to use it effectively to build more revenue. Here you will learn about all these areas and do your own case studies. By not understanding these areas you will look less professional and lack leadership in your chosen expertise.


  • Creating Your Brand Identity: If you are going to scale to a global level you need to have professional business assets that work for you not against you. This workbook gets all the information a professional designer would need to build such profitable assets within your business. The result equals a educated designer with a clear idea of your business and a much quicker turn around of designed assets, saving you time and money.


  • Branding Photoshoot Guide: Professional photography increases your chance of sales so you need to understand how best to use it. This workbook will diminish your fear of having a photoshoot. Instead you will feel clear and confident in what you want, what will work and how to prepare for a shoot with any photographer. Therefore gaining the results you want in the photographs and not needing to rebook another shoot and waste more money.


  • + My Bonus Guide to getting Tech Confident: This will take you from “I don’t know what is the best thing to use” to “I know what I need and I can do it myself if I choose to.” Plus some handy recommendations from me. The benefit is having a clear list of tried and trusted companies that myself and my wife have either used or still use today.


These self study PDF workbooks I have created along with the help of my wife Kirsty who is a Business Coach & NLP Master are what my 1-1 clients get when we first start working together. You are getting these at a super low price yet will get the same results my 1-1 clients get if you follow the process.

This Bundle is for you if you are…

You want to feel confident knowing your ideal client and how YOU can help them.

Want to know what systems are the best and easiest to use for your online business.

Are not ready to invest 1-1 with me but want all the knowledge and assets you get from working with me.

Wanting to feel clear, confident, and a better understanding of the business you want to create and how to make it successful. Building it on solid foundations.

Willing to do the work it takes that most have not, so you are ready to build a brand and not just a business. According to a study by Millward Brown, strong brands on avergae receive triple the sales volume and a 13% price premium increase 


For those that don’t know me I have worked in design for a variety of top global brands over the last 15 years. In the last 4 years I have worked with entrepreneurs and coaches 1-1 building them unique brand identities using those same methods I learnt.


I have also worked with my wife Kirsty Carden in her successful coaching business so I understand both sides and the differences. These documents have been created with both my experience of branding and my wife’s experience of creating a successful online business so you are getting the information from two experts in their fields.


Plus I understand that not everyone can afford to work with someone at my level straight away but I want you to get the right information and not go down the wrong road. For me the best result is seeing successful brands and beautiful professional designed assets online but in order for that to happen you need to do some work yourself and this bundle helps extract all the key information needed to go to the next step.


Don’t just take my word for it, hear from a few of my clients and what they think.



How do I use/work with these PDF workbooks?

These can be filled in on any desktop or laptop as-long as you have a PDF reader which most modern machines will automatically have like Preview on a Mac or Acrobat on a PC. You can also print them out and fill them in by hand if you prefer. 


Is there a refund?

You have a 14 days to ask for a refund. However you need to show that you have filled in every pdf and can prove it has brought you no results from it. They are copyrighted and not to be distributed.


What do I do with all this information at the end?

Once you have filled in all the information and done the tasks set out you will have all the information you need to proceed working with any designer, marketer or coach. This information is vital for any business and having this information to hand to be able to share will save you so much time.


Can you guarantee results?

Your results are based on your action so nothing can be guaranteed. What I can guarantee is, if you take your time use the resources and answer the questions you will have all you need to create a successful brand but it’s down to you to do the work. But why wouldn’t you? 


Is design work included in this?

No this is an additional cost but if you proceed to work with John 1-1 the price of this bundle will be deducted from the total cost to work together designing your brand.


What if I want to work more closely with you?

You can book a call with me here or visit my start here page where you will learn more about working with me 1-1 and then be able to also book a call.



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